On my Mastodon profile the following is written:

Cyber blue team leader by day, tinkerer/hacker at night. Designing secure systems and traveling the world is what I like. Unfair, harsh, inconsiderate behavior is what I don't like.

I work in #infosec, have a history with #opensource, and am passionate about #decentralization (the one without the crypto scams). I especially dislike business models that rely on sales of personal information. When I was studying the impact of computer science and the Internet on human societies in college back in the early 2000's, I was doubting that anyone will ever want to give away their info in return for free services. History has taught me otherwise.

I recently gave a public talk at NolaCon in New Orleans, the slides are available here.

One of my hobbies is soccer, another one is trying out Linux distros. As a way of giving back to the OSS community, I run two Mastodon instances:

https://ioc.exchange https://sfba.social

How to contact me?

Mastodon: @seb@ioc.exchange Linktree: https://ioc.bio.link