Manjaro i3wm

This post stores notes about my latest #linux laptop setup based on Manjaro i3 (community edition).

User's Guide & Forum

This user's guide is definitely worth reading: The community forum can be found here:


It fills in the data into the i3bar, which creates the bar on the bottom of the screen with the system tray. To customize the data being shown, copy /etc/.i3status.conf to ~/.i3status.conf and start editing it.


It puts metrics and other text on your wallpaper. You can find the config file in ~/.config or you can just disable it all together by commenting out the line in ~/.i3/config that starts conky at the start of i3wm.

rofi instead of dmenu

I prefer rofi over dmenu, so I replaced it in ~/.i3/config . To change its theme, run rofi-theme-selector from terminal.


rofi-calc is a calculator plugin for rofi. You can install it with pamac install rofi-calc Once installed, you can map it on $mod+c with bindsym $mod+c exec --no-startup-id "rofi -dpi 1 -show calc -modi calc -no-show-match -no-sort > /dev/null"


LightDM is the display manager of choice in Manjaro i3 and it uses the slick-greeter by default. The config file can be found here: /etc/lightdm/slick-greeter.conf

Colors of the LS command

To change the colors of the LS command in XTerm add the following lines to .bashrc: alias ls='ls --color' LS_COLORS='di=1:fi=0:ln=31:pi=5:so=5:bd=5:cd=5:or=31:mi=0:ex=35:*.rpm=90' export LS_COLORS Source: